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The iCIRT Register contains details of trustworthy building professionals who have achieved a rating of 3-gold stars or above in the review process and who have agreed to share their rating publicly. Learn more about iCIRT-ratings.

A growing number of trustworthy builders and developers are commencing the independent and rigorous review process to obtain their iCIRT star-rating recognition.

Search the register below to find a trustworthy building professional such as certifiers, designers, architects, engineers, consultants, project and development managers.

Note: Not all building companies meet the rating criteria to be recognised on the iCIRT Register.

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iCIRT star-rating reports help the community live their financial best by promoting building and construction professionals the market can trust.

About the Register

While there are many seeking to obtain this recognition, not all construction firms have been able to meet the rating criteria to be recognised on this register. Individual construction firms are publishing their iCIRT-ratings, and these will also be displayed on this register in due course.

iCIRT star-ratings reflect our opinion without warranty and is not designed to provide any recommendations whatsoever. You may not reproduce, transfer, disseminate, redistribute, or resell iCIRT star-ratings. For more information, please check our Terms of Use.

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